Start Off The New Year With a New Perspective!

Discover Your Authenticity
In a world that is becoming increasingly frightening, threatening and in some people’s minds, hopeless, finding a way to maintain a sense of optimism and hopefulness can be very difficult. This is especially true of those who have yet to uncover their authentic selves. Even the most optimistic and grounded individuals are finding it tough to do so. In times like these, a little expert help may be in order. Quality seminars, such as, Discover Your Authenticity Empowerment Series, are amongst the best ways to regain a positive perspective.
January 2012 Workshops will be held in Alameda, CA
The Discover Your Authenticity Empowerment Series is designed to help energize, empower and enlighten those that attend. Whether an individual requires a pick-me-up in their personal life or their professional one, this seminar series is guaranteed to make a difference in the life of the attendees, a positive difference. Throughout it, individuals will learn how to give themselves permission to live life to the fullest and without apologies.
Many people sabotage their own success and have no idea that they are doing so. In order to live life to the fullest and maximize ones potential, it is very important to learn how to get out of one’s own way. Lisa Bishop, in the Discover Your Authenticity Empowerment Series, shows people how.
We want to help people maximize their gifts, recover from past hurts and become equipped to overcome future obstacles. Her Discover Your Authenticity Empowerment Series is allowing her to do so. Don’t miss your opportunity to shine and be the best you can be. Start off the New Year with a New Perspective. Sign up for Discover Your Authenticity Workshop/Seminars Series. ONLINE REGISTRATIONS ONLY.

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